PZ Myers is Refreshingly Honest: Doom, Gloom and a Positive Affirmation of God’s Non-Existence to Boot!

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  1. I read this post on the P Z Myers blog and was just amazed by how depressing and hopeless they are without God. I mean their whole existence is based on a meaningless fluke, no wonder they're depressed. Sometimes, when I read his blog, I think the only momentary enjoyment he can suck from life is mocking Christians, sad!

  2. You Fail Basic LogicNovember 29, 2009 at 3:58 AM

    Your syllogism:

    Atheists are unhappy. (They're not, but pretend).
    Christians are happy. (They're not, but pretend).
    Therefore god exists. (He doesn't, but pretend).

  3. Stuart,

    Don't you mean how depressing and hopeless YOU would be without God? Seriously, where exactly did you find the doom and gloom in PZ's call for direct and prompt communication of thankfullness to your fellow human beings?

    Also, the last time I checked, religion has offered no ultimate meaning to our "creation" other than some sky deity wanting it so.

  4. Ah, interesting. I wrote a follow up story on this that includes references to some science on my blog:

  5. You Fail Basic Logic,
    You positively affirmed God’s non-existence; please prove it.

    Studies consistently evidence that atheists and agnostics are the least charitable, least sociable, least moral, most depressed amongst us: evidence here.
    I do not take pleasure in this, my heart breaks.

    How could you state that “religion has offered no ultimate meaning” and then go on to list such a meaning?
    And if that was all, would that not be enough, or not acceptable to you?
    As far as I can tell we are meant to enjoy relationships with each other (and the rest of creation) and with God—fine by me.


  6. Mariano,

    Don't go off on a tangent. "You Fail Basic Logic" should not have put snarky comments in parentheses, but his syllogism still stands as representative of yours:

    1. X sucks
    2. Y rules
    3. Therefore, X is false

    If that is your argument, your conclusion does not follow from you premises.

  7. Martin,
    Even though your syllogism very nicely encapsulated the entire corpus of New Atheist literature; I know not of what you speak as I made no commentary on this post with the exception of terming it “gloom and doom.”

    I would like to see proof of God’s non-existence from Myers and "You Fail Basic Logic."


  8. They won't have arguments against God because they operate on the "presumption of atheism," i.e., if no good arguments for God are put forth, God is presumed not to exist until such time as a good argument is forthcoming.