The Myth of Warfare Between “Science,” “Religion” and “Miracles”

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  1. Summary of second video:

    1) Ad hominem: Hume was wrong on causation/correlation, so we may want to doubt him on miracles.
    2) Obvious: Laws describe nature, they don't cause nature.
    3) Stupid: God is not subject to laws of nature or arithmetic. God could make 1+1=3.
    4) Stupid: Pre-scientific people are qualified to recognize miracles from regularities, because no one has ever been fooled by a magic trick.
    5) Moment of clarity: The way to tell true miracles from false miracles is evidence!
    6) Pathetic: The best evidence for the resurrection is the rise of early church.

  2. Lennox is a man of many hats.
    Professor of Mathematics, Christian apologist and miner.

  3. Interesting, Cedric. I thought lying was a sin. Someone should tell John Lennox.

  4. I thought lying was a sin.

    Well, sorta. That's what they teach the kiddies in Sunday School.
    However, for the grown-ups, there is the time-honoured tradition of the pious fraud.
    As long as you are doing it in the name of your religion, it's all good.
    Almost always, nobody from your own side will criticise you.
    If the other side points a finger, then the herd will rally around it's own.
    No matter what they have done.

  5. Hence if an atheist murders someone it clearly wasn't his fault ;)

    signed "that anonymous troll" ;)

  6. Hence if an atheist murders someone it clearly wasn't his fault

    Oh, absolutely.
    (Goes back to eating his deep-fried baby)
    Om nom nom.

  7. Good lord Mariano you must attract the dregs of PZ Meyers blog like flys to a turd.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Hey, that's not nice.
    Mariano is not like a turd!