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  1. I am not a god. I am far from omniscient. My senses often fool me. Confirmation bias causes me to see what I want to see. Only through the error-correcting processes of the scientific method am I able to come close to grasping reality with any confidence that my shortcomings aren't leading me astray.

    I have limited knowledge of people's intentions and the ultimate consequences of a course of action, so I try to remain humble when commenting the morality of another person's actions. I am not a god. My moral stances are subjective and open to refinement. The imperfection of my moral sense requires me to negotiate with the other members of my society to construct a social contract, rather than cast judgement by fiat. Gods don't compromise. I am not a god.

    Do I take ultimate responsibility for my actions? Of course I do. After all, who else is there to blame?