Bart Ehrman’s Millions and Millions of Variants, part 1 of 2

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  1. "I know who the top guys are in the field who are on the other side of Ehrman; why are they never interviewed? Why is it always an indifferent (or left leaning) college professor? Why Ehrman and the [anti] Jesus Seminar but no conservatives?"

    I hate this as well. I love these types of shows but they always get ruined for me when I never seem to get the other side's opinion or perspective. Its rather annoying, especially when there are highly qualified respectable people that they could interview who would provide a wealth of knowledge.

  2. This so awesonme...everyone should read it!

  3. This post is sufficient to refute Ehrman’s 'scholarship'!!

  4. As to the Ethopian experience, he felt God would not have left his creations in such an unspeakable dehumaninzing condition. The argument that God is the agent for coordination and order in our world falls apart. Whether he bought a LiveAids ticket is besides the point.
    Toasting in Hell, was that God's plan after all? A supposed merciful meticulous being decides to abandon his creation in eternal for the flaws he designed in them?
    The atheist experience might never be understood.