2012 - Celebrities Compliment Christianity, Again

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  1. Watch and read mohammed T-shirt art from Sweden at,

  2. That's liberal hypocrisy for you. They claim that we should make fun of everyone equally; but when it comes to religion, only Christianity is mocked and ridiculed.

    You can dip a crucifix in urine, but you can't flush a Koran. You can piss on a picture of Christ, but you can't even show a picture of Mohammaed, let alone a cartoon of him. You can make jokes about selling the vatican, but you can't show the destruction of Mecca in a movie.

  3. From a Muslim's perspective what's different about the new atheism is its willingness to go after Islam. It's funny. Every brand of theist thinks that it's their brand that the atheists are opposed to. But in the eyes of atheists, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and the rest are all equally ridiculous.

  4. >what's different about the new atheism is its willingness to go after Islam.

    I reply: Yeh I don't see the New Atheists stealing stuff from Mosques that Muslims hold to be sacred then desecrating on Youtube. Atheists do that to the Divine Eucharist from Catholic Churches.

    At best they will buy an English Translation of the Koran & burn it but Muslims don't believe Translations of the Koran are Sacred. Also there is a moral difference between buying your own copy of the Koran & damaging it vs. Stealing one that is the property of a Mosque then damaging it.

    New Atheists are like the punks in the WITNESSES movie(i.e. with Harrison Ford) picking on those who can't or won't fight back. Cowards the lot of them.