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  1. Veteran astronomer Halton Arp, who has been made a persona non grata in astronomy due to his discovery that modern cosmology is catastrophically wrong, describes how most of his own papers ended up in the astronomical "file drawer" instead of the astronomical journals as follows

    That doesn't even make sense because Arp did published a lot of papers himself. Not only that, I remember reading about his theories probably in the late 80s in popular science books.

    His problem is that he has been proved wrong by HST and large ground telescopes* and he is bitter about that.

    *if you go to Arp's website (last article: 2007) you will see that he is still using old photographs from the 80's from Palomar Obs.

    Writer John Anthony West and geologist Robert M. Schoch have uncovered commanding geological evidence that the Egyptian Sphinx is thousands of years older than conventionally assumed

    I wonder if Mariano even reads those articles.

  2. This reminds me:

    Mariano's idol, Michael Behe, in the Dover trail was shown stacks of books and articles contradicting his irreducible complexity theory, which he admitted he hasn't read*, which proves it is Creationists who discard evidence ad hoc and not other way around.

    *he obviously doesn't have to agree with them (essentially would have to disagree with himself) but he was unable to address them which shows he is "Consistently ignoring and distorting data"

  3. When Mariano writes something like this that is just so blatantly stupid, I find myself wondering if it is even worth the effort to point out the short comings. The post itself says, "I'm a loon" far better than anything I could write.

  4. I dunno his talk about drug companies was undeniably true though.

    Just pointing that out.

  5. jdhuey, you still read his posts? I stopped doing that months ago, he is indeed a loon. I find the comment section is where the fun is. Too bad Mariano never reads the comments.

  6. @anoymous 1: It is undeniably true that there are serious problems with conflict of interest in how the drug approval process is set up; however, that issue is in a totally different galaxy when you are talking about the complete lack of valid results from the lands of woo. It is Mariano's attempt to conflate the ridiculous with the serious.

    @anonymous 2: Well, I usually read the comments first and frequently never bother to read the posted drivel. However, if I'm going to actually make a comment on a post, I sorta kinda feel like I should read it.

  7. Oops. I left out a word in a sentence above. It insert the word 'than' so it reads: 'a totally different galaxy THAN when'. Why is it that mistakes like that only appear to me AFTER I hit the Post Comment button - must be a sign from Thor.