On Natural Laws and Miracles

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  1. The "laws" you mention are not "laws" but findamental forces. Laws of physics are observed regularities describing these forces and their interrelationsips, and these "laws" are certainly not written in stone and really only apply at a specific level of observation and by no means have to extend to other "universes". Deeper generalities (such as string theory) are necessary to invoke in such cases. Of course, science does not disprove the existence of a god, only of specific conceptions of such; there is simply no need to invoke an intelligent creator in modern cosmology. A fundamental loop-quantum-theoretic graph is not what most people mean when they use the term "God".

  2. Atheists oft argue that miracles cannot occur because the laws of nature are immutable.
    Nope. Immutability of laws is an open question. Exceptions are known to many laws, e.g. Newton's law of gravity.

    For myself I argue that miracles don't occur, not that they can't.

  3. Masked Maurauder clearly you've never watched many of your fellow atheists use "science" ,as they would distort the term, to attempt to back up their claims on their atheist views. Most of the ones i have read are really quite laughable as they make the exact presuposition that you and Jorgon Gorgon refute.

  4. Anon: not the ones I know. And, even if they wear clown shoes and fright wigs they couldn't out-zany Jesus Toast

    As I've mentioned elsewhere before, read
    Jaynes on telepathy, chapter 5
    , and come back.