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  1. Haha. $10 says that Banana Man and Crocoduck still haven't read the Origin of Species, despite having written an introduction to it.

    "C'mon, college kid, did the first land animal have lungs or gills? Well...?" Aw, man. These guys crack me up.

  2. Darwin's Sacred Cause: "Darwin's scientific quest to was fueled by his Christian abolitionism. His "sacred cause," as Darwin called it, was to undermine a key precept of the slave trade—that blacks comprise an inferior race separate from whites—by proving the common descent of mankind from lower life forms."

    The Darwin Myth: "How Darwin set out to create a godless version of evolution...Why Darwin's theory supported natural slavery, an institution he abhorred."

    [emphasis mine, of course]


    I still don't understand how Charles Darwin is relevant to discussions of evolution. The continued perception that discrediting Darwin is somehow a blow against evolutionary science has led to some rather scattershot assaults on the man.

    It is certainly possible that there is such a person as an ideological Darwinist, but the rather overwhelming majority of modern science does not consider "...the Origin of Species..." to be some kind of a sacred handbook, nor Darwin to be a prophet any more than mathematicians model their views on the life of Pythagoras.

    He had the basic idea right; that idea is what's relevant; and that idea has been expanded on, applied to new things, wondered at, discussed, and generally been a spark to refinement and confirmations that Darwin had never thought of.

    Really. His life was interesting. His ideas may not have been wholly original. He may have had some unsavory views. He may have been a closet saint.

    That really isn't the least bit relevant. Ideas stand alone, and science stands alone. Personality does not affect what's true one way or the other.

  3. Ray Comfort should include a free banana with every book.
    Have you ever looked at a banana, I mean, really looked at it?

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