Can Christians Be Freethinkers?

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  1. Here's a test for you theists to find out to what degree your thought is freethought:

    Hypothetically, what evidence could be presented to convince you that the existence of God is unlikely?

    Based on previous remarks on this blog about how the good old atheists used to criticize theism, you will accept nothing short of a mathematical proof that the properties of your particular god are logically inconsistent. Of course, the failure to show this only proves that your god is a coherent idea, not that God exists. Existence is a much stronger claim. Vampires may be logically consistent, but they don't exist.

    So what evidence would persuade you? This is hypothetical, of course, because I wouldn't want to presuppose the nonexistence of God.

  2. The evidence that could be presented to claim the contrary existence of God is in any case slim (were trying to prove a negative here). But in any case if you wanted to convince me to drop my beliefs you wold have to submit evidence that proved Jesus never existed, miracles are impossible, the universe has a completely (non-mathematically impossible) natural explanation which fits in well with the evidence we have and completely rules out the idea of any sort of design. Also I would like to see us create life, or play God to that extent using nothing.

  3. One could not convince me of the non-existence of God. However, one could convince me that Christianity is a sham. Vox lists several things in his blog today that would prove Christianity wrong. http://voxday.blogspot.com/ If any of these things happened, you may be able to convince me to leave my beliefs behind.

  4. Are all Non-theists Freethinkers?

    Probably not. There you go. Non-theist or an atheist could be raised as such and be dumb as a rock for instance.

    ..[freethinking has to be] scientifically supported in general

    Well that excludes you Mariano, just like every other YEC.

    If you believe that after Global Flood animal and plant fossils arranged themselves in in layers from primitive on the bottom to more complex on top, even though it is physically impossible, then you are not freethinker by your own definition.