James Randi - the Amazing Atheist, part 1 of 2

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  1. Mariano, you are not worthy to fasten James Randi's sandals.

  2. Anonymous.

    You are worthy to felate Richard Dawkins.

  3. Mariano wrote:
    > However, an interesting thing occurs with regards to the questions of how and why the Big Bang occurred and what caused it. You have never seen people so pleased to not have to consider, explain or even discuss an important and interesting philosophical, theological and cosmological issue

    Oh, my young boy!

    I keep telling you that cosmologists have not considered the Big Bang to be the ultimate beginning for decades.

    I keep telling you that the current preferred theory is “inflationary cosmology,” in which the Big Bang is merely a little local pop in a much, much larger universe.

    But will you use Google to follow up on this and learn that your view of scientific cosmology is woefully misguided?


    Do you know how to use Google?

    Oh, Mariano, God expects more of you – you are making Him look like a fool and He does not like that.

    He can get really peeved when He is displeased you know (remember the Golden Calf incident).

    Dave Miller in Sacramento

  4. Bottm line is no one has any idea, just draw your own conclusions and then start flinging dirt. Makes perfect sense

  5. I've noticed an interesting thing in these CrEvo debates.

    The Atheist rants and rages, making huge, unsubstantiated claims, attacking the Christian - who responds rationally and calmly.

    Who should we choose? The ranter or the rational person with logical arguments?

    Surprisingly, the very same rhetoric, propoganda and bullying tactics were exhibited in Hitler, as the millitant Atheists do today - and yet the Germans followed him.

    History repeats itself. How many hundreds of millions have to die at the hands of Atheist/Darwinian dictators? A land without moral absolutes pays the price - as do their victims.

  6. Randi is an ass. As an atheist, he is powerfless to debunk anything involving the supernatural. He has an agenda--atheism. It is also easy to be a chronic debunker and skeptic. The real truth lies somewhere in between. Randi is just a street magician who manged to have the PR skills to make it big. He probably sold his soul to the devil. He's not even an intellectual. He's actually more of a clown.


  7. James Randi is deceived by Satan and the jokes on James Randi. You can't convince a deceived person (Randi) that they're deveived, that's the whole idea of deception. Satan is a master counterfeiter and with SO many counterfeit "faiths"...the devil uses this as a tool to deceive. Prove the supernatural to Randi? the devil will do his best NOT to show any sort of supernatural powers to convince Randi that God does not exist. Get it? probably not. And God is not tempted to display His supernatural powers either by mere humans. Get it?....