Camp Quest - Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

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  1. You are exactly the mindset a silly superstition would need to propagate. You ignore so much evidence, only to spew so much opinion. Here is an opinion of mine, in the form of a question; Why do preachers, car salesmen, and politicians all look like they go to the same beautician? Because they do it for the job.

  2. Let us take a moment to consider that Camp Quest is a serious enterprise as it is all part of Dawkins’ tactic of having “society stepping in” to stop religious parents from doing so and his hopes that this “might lead children to choose no religion at all.”
    If I remember correctly, Dawkins doesn't really have anything to do with CampQuest.

    Nice attack though: "Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here". I doubt that any of the kids who go to Camp quest actually follow that "advice" of yours. Nice attempt at well-poisoning, or whatever the hell that was supposed to be...

    Why do xians always try to equate lack of religious belief with no hope? Oh yeah, right. Poisoning the well. Guess what? The emotional or other consequences of an idea have no bearing on whether it's true or not.

    It's a fallacy to claim otherwise. Yet a lot of your posts use the appeal to consequences or the appeal to emotion in some way.

    This post seems to try to use a little of both.

    At least at camp quest, there's no threats of eternal torture like there are at xian camps. You know, that hellfire stuff?

  3. I appreciate honesty and actually appreciate atheists who just come right out and admit that they indoctrinate their children from the cradle.
    What form of child-raising would you NOT consider to be any form of "indoctrination", Mariano?

    I daresay that atheists don't indoctrinate their children near as much as religious parents do, simply becuase there's no threats of hellfire or promise of eternal rewards and stuff like "you'll see your loved ones in heaven once you die" crap.

    A lot of atheist parents, at least the ones I've heard of, just let the chips fall where they may (at least in terms of belief).

  4. Children are not born with a belief in any mythology and your stance is that by not teaching them one, they are being indoctrinated? That's rather silly. It's actually maintaining the status quo in that regard.

    However, teaching them that a bunch of fairy stories about gods are actually true... now that's indoctrination.