Atheism, EvilBible.com, “Theists Suck” and Christians are Hypocrites, part 4 of 6

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  1. Mariano:
    You are nothing but a religious con artist straight from the Dark ages. Atheism is not dead it is Christianity that is dead. I will prove it!
    The Bible is filled with horrible verses and examples of lack of morality these can be check at my website. WWW.SCIENCECLUBOFLONGISLAND.COM
    Why are you lying to all the people? You are not discrediting the Evil Bible website, any fool could look these verses up and see that they are all there! Are you delusional? You claim you discredit all these sites, it is you who are discredited! You do not understand Science, you are clueless when it comes to History and you are a certified liar when it comes to the Bible!
    Why should anyone listen to you? Atheism is not dead, it is Christianity that is dead! The Bible has been thrown out of Public Schools, never to show its ugly face.
    Evolution is taught in Public Schools as the origin of man and life. Intelligent Design has been debunked, disgraced and discredited. And you have the balls to say that Atheism is dead! It is Christianity that is dead. It is about time the people knew that Christ never fulfilled his promise to return in the lifetime of his apostles as he promised. That makes Christ the asshole a fraud, Christianity the biggest hoax in humanity and you a certified fool!

    Let us all look at these beautiful verses in the Bible:

    Eat Human Feces!
    "And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that
    cometh out of man, in their sight. And the LORD said, Even thus shall the
    children of Israel eat their defiled bread among the Gentiles, whither I will
    drive them." (Ezekiel 4:12-13).

    Eating Shit and Drinking Piss
    "But Rabshakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to
    thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the
    wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?" (II
    Kings 18:27)You must now follow your God's orders and eat shit and drink piss!

    Eating your children when you are hungry!
    "And the king said unto her, What aileth thee? And she answered, This woman
    said unto me, Give thy son, that we may eat him to day, and we will eat my son
    tomorrow. So we boiled my son, and did eat him: and I said unto her on the
    next day, Give thy son, that we may eat him: and she hath hid her son...." (II
    Kings 6:28-29).
    When are you going to start eating your children?

    Expose Her Breasts!
    "Behold, I am against thee, saith the LORD of hosts; and I will discover thy
    skirts upon thy face, and I will shew the nations thy nakedness, and the
    kingdoms thy shame. And I will cast abominable filth upon thee, and make the
    vile, and will set thee as gazingstock." (Nahum 3:5-6). Is your wife going to act like a slut and expose her breasts?

    Wherefore my bowels shall sound like a harp for Moab, and mine inward parts
    for Kirharesh. (Isaiah 16:11) Are you going to fart to please your lord?

    Since you want to be a tough guy and pick on the Atheists let us show you how tough we can be.
    The Science Club of Long Island Inc. Publicly challenges you to prove the existance of God!
    At stake one million dollars.
    Let us see how tough you really are?!
    January 30, 2010 6:10 PM