Rise of Atheism in America Via Children

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  1. What's a "solid Christian"? How many self-identified Christians qualify? And why do they have disdain for religion?

  2. If Atheism is Dead, how can it be rising?

  3. "Overall it seems that the New Athiest tactic is to get'em while they're young"

    You say this as if this is somehow less prevalant among Christians. Christ, a ridiculous amount of children are baptized before they can even speak.

    I'm certain their are parents out there who indoctrinate their kids with their beliefs, but it is certainly just as common among children.

    It seems the main point of this blog is to portray athiests as overzealous hypocrits. Most of your examples verify this, but alas they only pertain to small groups of people who are most likely that way regardless of their beliefs.

  4. "I'm certain their are parents out there who indoctrinate their kids with their beliefs, but it is certainly just as common among children."

    Apologies, I meant to say it is just as common among theists and atheists alike.

  5. MaskedMarauder,
    In the same way that a corpse bloats.

    Indeed, you got it right. First,the overzealous hypocrites complain again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again that theists indoctrinate their children but then looky here they are doing the same.


  6. Atheism is, by definition, the lack of any belief in a god or supernatural explanations for human existence. For any parent to mingle with others without reference to a deity or religion is NOT indoctrination. This is a glaring example of the desperation that the religious have found themselves. In my view, the only value to organized religion is the fellowship (a a human need and not a religious notion) it provides its adherents. It also appears to provide some cultural solidarity to its followers. But the need for human contact, social togetherness, and conversation is innate to all people. These atheist groups recognize this, have separated the "wheat from the chaff" and keep the elements that have value to them as social creatures. This is not dogmatic, it is not indoctrination, and it is not a conspiracy to alienate religion from society. In point of fact, Christianity IS indoctrination of children from the cradle to the grave. It seeks to pervert the faculties of reason and strip the individual of their ideas and thoughts from the age of infancy. Young children simply parrot the ideas and beliefs of their faithful parents (what else can they do?) and are praised as devout believers in the supernatural. This is nothing if not the mind-control of children. Yes, atheism and freethought are on the rise. I feel this is a by-product of our evolution as a species, and if the trend continues, ideas of celestial authority and divine intervention in the affairs of man will be the fodder of jokes and disbelief in the near future.

  7. How to become an atheist. In my case it was being raised Catholic that did it.

    1. Attend religious schools (in my case Catholic Elementary). That one alone wiped out 4 siblings from the CC roles for all time.

    2. Observe the lunacy of the supernatural belief system (stigmata, virgin mary, miracles, angels - all presented without a shred of evidence) and then realize that many take it seriously, that was the moment I started for the door! (note taht he basic teachings of the church are sound, moral and OBVIOUS.)
    3. Wait until age 13 or so and start avoiding weekly mass. Oh the relief!

    4. Tell your parents thanks but no thanks.

    5. Never go near the place again other than for family obligations (weddings, baptisms, funerals). Put the money towards you kids education.

    6. Never discuss religion with others - just be polite and don't worry about it.

    7. Grow up get marry a non-christian foreigner, have children.

    9. Your kids will be agnostics until they are old enough so they can make their OWN decisions - its their business, not mine.

    Best thing about being raised catholic from a friend of mine: "It innoculates you against the extremes of religion."