Nietzsche, the Death of God, and the Emerging Church Movement

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  1. He never actually makes a point here.
    A total waste of time.

  2. See, it's hard enough to get spoiled toddlers to not throw a fit in their high chair when food's presented in front of them.

  3. I would liek to investigate Boenhoffer and his views, I know a loat of apostates who look up to him for some given reason but I would like to read his works given that Cathy Burns.

    I have heard a lot about Deep church.

  4. Very impressive lecture, i would like to have it in smaller bits.

    There ia a church growth, which is now going Emerging church stuff. We were thrown out of the church for asking people, after church, what they have thought about end times. The PAstor said it point blank they were not interested in end times.

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    For an in-depth look at the emergent church, look here:



  6. There are some very good lectures given at Xenos Fellowship Summer Institue 08 conference on the emergent church which includes DA Carson and Mark Driscoll. MP3 Archive: http://www.xenos.org/teachings/index/index.php?source=XSI