Bill Maher the Jewish Zombie

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  1. I really would love to see that twit debate William Lane Craig or anybody else with a greater than 6th grade education.
    I do enjoy your site Mariano and was wondering if you would do a piece on the common atheist claim that the account of Noah is just a rehash of the epic of Gilgamesh.
    Godandscience.org did a piece on it a while ago yet i see it often put up along with Apolinos, the Euthyphro Dilema or anything else modern Atheists think is actually a new point rather than the same centuries old warmed over crap Bertrand Russel dragged out a generation ago.

  2. Mariano wrote:
    >(have you ever heard of an atheist condemning Egyptian slavery? No!

    I hereby condemn Egyptian slavery!


    Seriously, whenever the opportunity has presented itself, over the decades, I really have condemned Egyptian slavery, Aztec human sacrifice, genocide by the ancient Israelites, etc.

    Some atheists, like nearly all Christians, are indeed cultural relativists.

    But some of us atheists most assuredly are not.

    Although, I am beginning to understand why the ancient Romans thought of Christians as lion food.