The “Atheist,” the “Muslim” and the “Christian” Murderers – and their victims: Stephen Tyrone Johns, William Long and George Tiller

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  1. Christianity has a basis upon which to restrain sadistic behavior.
    Islam has some yet, the doctrine of abrogation may be problematic in claiming Qur'anically prescribed restraint.[1]
    Atheism offers none whatsoever—anything goes; malevolence or benevolence are equally up for grabs.

    So... person Z claims that worldview A does not restrain sadistic behavior. Someone that follows worldview A performs sadistic behavior. Person Z's claim is not damaged.

    Then... person Y claims that worldview B offers some restraint on sadistic behavior. Someone that follows worldview B performs sadistic behavior. Person Y's claim is somewhat damaged.

    Finally... person X claims that worldview C offers solid restraint on sadistic behavior. Someone that follows worldview C performs sadistic behavior. Person X's claim is solidy damaged.

  2. The reason you don't hear von Brunn referred to as an atheist is because he wasn't one. He actually followed an Aryan Nation corruption of a Norse religion.

  3. PersonalFailure,
    Pardon but I will take the word of his house mate over the word of John Doe blog commentator.

    Yet, you are right that most white supremacists follow Hitler in appealing to some sort of styled Norse religion.