The New York Times – Latest Victims of Atheist Propaganda

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  1. Well, I hear that Democracy Under Humanism, Secular Coalition of America TRUE!, and American National Atheist Liberal have all planned to collectively come out of their cramped, one bedroom apartment closets to unite their powerfully rhetorical voices, singing together in memorium of Dick Dawkins (who's practically deceased already), all to the tune of If I Only Had a Brain. And all while doing Woodstock cartwheels off the Washington Monument.

    They first opted to do this all around a specially made golden calf on the front steps of the Smithsonian, but they found too many of their members were running off with the gold before they could melt it down and properly pour it on a dairy cow. (The cow did provide plenty of highly nutritious yogurt later on.)

    Remaining members prayed earnestly in front of the Lucy and Heidelberg Man displays inside, hoping for an oracle from Darwin as to what to do next. Charlie didn't disappoint, and the Son of Ape gladly emerged from thunder, lightning, and his overgrown beard to directed the members of DUH, SCAT, and AN@L to the next appropriate destination.

    In the end, all had a good sing along under the shadow of a large non-pagan pillar, with book BBQ's and "curiously strong" Huxley Breath Mints being enjoyed by all. And of course, this was all done in the name of gently reminding religious believers that their time is coming...

    Sadly, half the members in attendance walked off the adjoining interstate bridge before this, having mistaken Charlie's oracle as a sign that they'd be able to evolve wings and fly on to Paraguay, land of their long lost brethren tribe, the Super Soldiers...

  2. ...(S)uper (S)oldiers.

    There. I got a complaint from Dr. Mangler that his boys weren't being represented properly by my mispelling their name. Glad I could clear that up.