From Zeitgeist to Poltergeist, Part 13 of 13

Please note that this essay will now be housed in True Freethinker’s section on Adolf Hitler / Nazism / Communism


  1. Since Hitler stopped going to Mass as a Teenager by definition it would make him an excommunicant from Catholicism. Canon Law is very clear if you by you own free will refuse to go to Mass you cut yourself off from the Church.

  2. One can be sure that no evil has been carried out in the name of Pandeism, and so all should at least examine this blameless belief system.

  3. What a complete waste of time. This series didn't argue or refute anything. If anything it perpetuated more lies! And the blog author still hasn't answered any of my rebuttals! No one has! Pussies.

    Only another hour until I come back to see if my challenge to a debate has been answered.

    See you soon.

  4. X, Mariano is in his little fantasy world where he believes he is making some inroads for his Christianity hobby. It's sad really. You'll get no debate just more essays in 13 parts.
    As for Ben, holy Jesus, he's off on another planet. Linking Hitler to atheism, really? What a waste of time. He'd get better traction out of this total christian masturbatory experiment if he went after Obama as an atheist.

    But I can't resist a train wreck so I'll be back.

  5. Oh, by the way I am convinced Obama is an atheist. He's a cultural Christian, Muslim, Communist, whatever. He's got no soul, kind of like Pelosi.

  6. I still wasn't born yesterday Ted/XAtheist/Anonymous. But I forgive you.

  7. Ben, you obviously weren't born yesterday, being that you posted weeks ago, but you are still stupid.

    Hey Ben, on a different topic, do you listen to music? Dude I would totally recommend, since I think you're my age, revisit Paranoid by Sabbath, dude, good stuff, listen to the bassline in Fairie Wear Boots. He's all over the place. Geezer is so under-rated.

    Then if you want to get crazy go back and relisten to Cowboys from Hell, Pantera obviously, man Dimebag could crunch, and Vinnie Paul, under-rated drummer.