“Humanist Manifesto III”

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  1. I'm glad to finally find well-written arguments against specifics of the Humanist Manifesto. I haven't been able to find such a discussion in the last few years of searching. Even today, I still get no results from a Google search of "problems with Humanist Manifesto" (with quotes). Hopefully this comment will bring in more traffic.

    However, the reason why I'm happy to find this isn't because I disagree with the manifesto, it's that I'm interested to understand issues that religious people have with it.

    You make some good points. One thing that Humanists don't point out is that Humanism still requires a certain level of faith. For example, in your critique of the following:

    "The problem with these Humanist statements is that they are dogmatic assertions-humans have worth and dignity"

    The belief that humans have worth and dignity is essentially a statement of faith. It can't be proven to be true. As you described in other parts of the document, there are these statements of faith in the manifesto.

    I think any secular belief system is going to have to have at least a small set of statements of faith. It's similar to the US Declaration of Independence. From those statements, a moral, fulfilling and practical belief system can be created in my opinion (which is another statement of faith). In your opinion, is this possible?

  2. Art, you are an idiot! Faith is only for the uninvolved, the brain dead, the selfish, the low I.Q. crowd who cannot grasp that they are NOT the center of the universe.

  3. To the previous poster:
    Yet another example of the typical name calling and non-logic based arguments used by atheists. My attorney said, in law school they teach lawyers "When facts are not on your side, all you have left is to resort to attacks on their character or intelligence -- an appeal to emotion, not intellect." So, well done! You're doing what a losing position is supposed to do!