From Zeitgeist to Poltergeist, Part 1 of 13

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading the up and coming parts of this article. I like reading senseless propaganda with my coffee in the morning.

    :- )

    You might want to take a look at this:


    It is a very scholarly treatment of this subject by someone with an MA in Russian history.

  2. Thank you anon.,
    I appreciate your readership and comment.
    You discredit yourself by your prejudicial presuppositions.
    Please keep the span comments to a minimum of zero next time.


  3. I don't have any "prejudicial presuppositions" but have you any comments about the article I pointed you to?

    By the way, I wanted to let you know that your link (which says Succinct clip here) to the Hitchens v.s. Craig debate seems to be broken. It doesn't take you to anything. It takes you to some Google page. Thought I'd let you know...

  4. "“There is no logical connection between what is and what ought. Now, if you then ask me where I get my ‘ought’ statements from, that's a more difficult question. Firstly, I don't feel so strongly about them. If I say something is wrong, like killing people, I don't find that nearly such a defensible statement as ‘I am a distant cousin of an orangutan’...Mr. Dawkins could have saved some time by simply saying "I am spineless."

  5. No, Dawkins is just simply saying the truth: There is no logical connection between what is and what ought to be. Kindly stop erecting your strawmen about evolution and atheism even when biologists like Dawkins themselves are trying to straighten you people out.

    I can see why you'd like the bible though...all the killings done by and ordered by your god indicates that he at least has a spine...

    A quick note about that "atheism has killed it's tens of millions"...Hitler used xianity, not athiesm to get into power and get his war going. Even if he was not a xian himself, the people who supported him to a large extent, were.

    Stalin et al killed people in the name of keeping power, not in the name of atheism itself.

    Odd how eager you are, Mariano to try to blame as much as you can on atheism using the most cursory of links, but bible verses that say that the ancient Isrealites could take the "virgin" women of the people they'd wiped out, does not even hint of rape, or forced marriage (same thing in my opinion...)

  6. Oh Anon, you itinerant lil atheist you. Such a cute little ragamuffin! Maybe after we feed you your Instant-Dawkins this evening, we'll read you a bit of the "DNA Dance" bedtime story - your favorite! - which claims that all life arose from nothing on its own; therefore there are no absolutes (except of course, that there can be no absolutes). We'll even show you a pop-up picture book of Dachau and Kolyma, and how atheism clearly leads to atheist/pagan leaders who feel no obligation to recognize an authority higher than themselves - and act accordingly....

    After which you can throw a temper tamtrum and claim that all evil is done in the name of religion, not (rather, and more factually/logically) in the name of survival of the most selfish, cunning, and godless. (Yes, even your hero Hitler falls into this category - plainly Darwinian in his actual manifestos and policies.)

    If that doesn't work, you can always shed some crocodile tears over the supposed victims of "religion" (esp. Christianity, since that evil tenant of "love thy neighbor" really leads to the logical conclusion of "murder your neighbor"). Oh, what is a parent to do?

    After this, we'll tuck you into your Nietzsche mustache crib and change your napkin.

  7. A quick note to Anonymous: Alecksander did believe that atheism was a cause for many moral woes in Russia. So i think your article is sadly misinformed.