Atheism Spirituality

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  1. "...the sense of wonder that one gets as a scientist contemplating the cosmos, or contemplating mitochondria is actually much grander than anything that you will get by contemplating the traditional objects of religious mysticism..."
    In other words, evolutionary studies are fueled more by the Star Wars Imperative than it is by any supposed mechanical detachment during the "search for truth". Interesting.

    Dawkins' robot ethic is a canard. He would have any sort of comforting feeling that's connected to faith/transcendence be as a signpost of its intellectual want - yet as you've shown, he sports this "good feeling in the tummy" himself in spades.

    Really, his ploy is "Feel dumb for finding comfort in faith or God." Which of course, means more converts for his Blind Watchmaker Fanclub (and hence, more book sales) when the kids hear his spiel and start to feel self conscious whenever they are conscious of a higher power than themselves.

    I'm beginning to wonder if any modern high profile author or journalist isn't a snake oil salesman right from the get go. The love of mammon, one could say.

  2. "why it is that atheists seek transcendent experiences, atheism spirituality, remains unanswered."

    Atheists do not "seek" such experiences. But humans have evolved to be amazed at the immensity of the Cosmos. So what?

    "Atheism spirituality" remains an oxymoron.

    "... in atheism spirituality is indicative of atheism as a consoling delusion."

    That's crazy. It would be much better to go along to get along in today's society. Atheism is simply a "default" position - since there's no evidence of anything that would indicate that this default position is incorrect.

  3. onein6billion,
    Thanks for the comments.
    I wonder who gave you the authority to determine for all atheists that “Atheists do not ‘seek’ such experiences.” The quotations that I provided discredit your all encompassing notion.

    Theism is the “default” position until such time, if there ever be such a time, when it is evidenced that the universe and absolutely everything in it can be explained by absolutely materialistic means. Meanwhile our best science and philosophy imply a creator.

    Mariano .

  4. The New Atheists are busybodies. They think they are the spokespersons for all un-belief. I guess Dawkins thinks he is their Pope & other three horsemen are his Cardinals or Patriarchs.

    I confess I have a soft spot for classical internet Nietzscheian Atheist who likes to tell these people to go [explicitive deleted] themselves.

  5. BenYachov,
    Indeed, Nietzsche is too internally consistent and in your face (face the facts of an atheist reality) for the modern Judeo-Christian influenced atheist.

    Mariano .

  6. "Theism is the “default” position"

    Hilarious. The old "burden of proof" nonsense.

    Of course "theism" was the default position for stone-age humans 10,000 years ago. But I would have thought that humanity would have advanced a little bit in 10,000 years.

  7. They did apparently, according to the atheist yardstick - Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia. They certainly "moved mountains" in a modern sense - launching rockets, synthesizing new materials and chemicals, inventing new ways to torture peoples both foreign and domestic - and all of this via a political bulldozer. And the inertia of over a hundred million corpses.

    And without an inkling of God in their political program either. Such efficiency.

    If theism is "stone age", then it's a pretty good case study of how ancient man was wiser than the modern revolutionary.

  8. "If theism is "stone age", then it's a pretty good case study of how ancient man was wiser than the modern revolutionary."

    Well, I'm sure you are ready to give up the modern world and go back to the Stone Age. Life really was nasty, brutish and short.

    Yes, religion came from the Stone Age and would prefer the Stone Age is a compelling argument.

  9. kh123.

    Hitler was a devout Christian, The German nation were and all ways a devout catholics. The whole nation didn't convert from catholics to atheists and back again in a the span of hitlers reigen.

    This might be out of your opened minded comfort range.

    Look pretty compelling to me?

  10. Atheists and Christianity seem to have alot in common. http://www.apocatastasis.net/God/ATHEISM.html

    P.S Hitler wasnt a christian, he used it as a propagandist way to endourse nazism.http://answers.org/apologetics/hitquote.html