Torture, the Hell of Atheism and the “Gentle Pedophile”

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  1. The fact that these people think the "threat of Hell" scares people into believing in God proves without a doubt that they don't have the first clue what the Bible says or what Christianity is.

  2. While many analogies break down at some point, the comparison between dying from a dread disease and taking the medicine that will completely cure the disease is as close to perfect as one can get. Atheists always dwell on the illness that they share with all of humanity but ignore the cure. And then they call themselves reasoned and logical.

  3. Jinx, what do you think the point of Hell is? And do you think more than half of all people will wind up there?

  4. Excellent post.

    Scare tactics are only wrong if the threat isn't real (Having said that, there is a proper time, place and manner to teach about Hell).

    If Hell is real -- and it is -- then it is right to warn people of it.

  5. Shouldn't this be on christianswhodontbelieveasidoaredead.blogspot? It's not our fault that your compadres have the audacity, the cojones, the big brass ones to go against the stream, to deny your exegesis as superior to their own, to state plainly that their Holy Spirit is leading them straight (while yours is a big poopy) and not believe the correct thing (a la). Did you know that they say the same things about you? Who is the real heretic? Who?!
    I can see that there's only one way to decide this. Trial by ordeal. Dunking chairs or somesuch at dawn, gentleman. May the Lord have mercy on your quite possibly heterodox souls.

  6. Fascinating! If I had to guess I would say he hates Christianity because he was sexually abused by a"supposed" leader in the church. It would totally explain his illogical hate tactics. He hates the church and desires to make them pay for his pain.

    Great article Mariano
    keep up the great work


  7. Yep, the also explains why the guy spent years as a church pastor too.

  8. Just thought I'd repost this, perhaps Mariano didn;t see it the first time:

    Hey Mariano, I've got and idea. Why don't you back up a bit from these *yawn* tomes that you seem so insistent on producing, and substantiate the most provocative statement on this blog? That statement being "Atheism is Dead".

    Changing the banner every now and then isn't getting the job done.

    You should pull in IrishFarmer, he seems to be the only one who doesn't have his head in his ...um, ..the clouds.

  9. The disease/cure schtik doesn't work for me. First you have to show that there's a disease and then that there's cure for it. Someone just saying so isn't bankable reassurance, in my opinion.

    Speaking for myself, whatever uncomfortable musings I had about the distant and abstract notion of death as a wee lad were nothing compared to the fright I got from devils, witches, hobgoblins and such like madeup superstitions.

  10. What masked said!

    (I don't think mariano is even reading comments anymore, and to be honest I don't blame him, he's getting raped. But whats the point?)

  11. I finally got around to reading this post, and I thought it was great.

    I don't see how Mariano is getting "raped" by the way. That's not to claim that I think he's 100% right, all of the time - however, I don't see much in the way of substantive responses from atheists on this blog.

    To be fair, this is a blog and (I don't know about you, but) I don't exactly expect much depth from an internet site in general.

    Regardless, the least that can be said in Mariano's favor is that at least he puts thought into what he writes (even if you find his thought boring).

  12. This blog has become a wholesale Poe, with little worth responding to in the first place. Mariano's obsession with skulls has now seemingly taken him in some Lovecraftian direction, or can someone tell me what the hell the new logo is supposed to be depicting?

  13. I'm going to have to agree with all these atheists.

    Mariano, how could you possibly think atheism is dead when you're producing entries that are careful, and thoughtful?

    Atheism isn't dead! That's why atheistic philosophy is such a fertile field...it's so fertile that Dawkins' books can be found in the Philosophy section of B&N right next to Philosophy According to Seinfeld.

  14. Dan Barker is one of the most misinformed celebrity atheists when it comes to the Bible’s contents

    And here Mariano exposes the arbitrariness of all revealed religions. Anybody can interpret the bible to support any doctrine they like.

    Dan Barker spent years as a fundamentalist preaching fire and brimstone. I'm quite sure he is familiar with the contents of the bible.

    Ever since 325 C.E., Christianity relentlessly splinters and opinions diverge. Today, this fracturing is so extreme, that if a person labels themselves a Christian, we in fact have no clue what that person actually believes.

    If Flannery O'Connor is correct that everything that rises must converge, are we right to assume the corollary that decline and divergence go hand in hand?

    Do we have a system that relentlessly, in fits and starts, leads to convergence?

    Yes, I think we do.

  15. "note that I ended up becoming 100% comfortable with death and not in the least bit afraid of it"

    Whereas, can you imagine saying the same of the conviction that you're bound for eternal torment?

    The difference in power to terrify between hell, on the one hand, and mere evaporation on the other, is glaring. Your failure to acknowledge it smells of a commitment to apologetic armament above reflection. Indeed, this is the overwhelming character of Christian apologetics. Of course it's a general human weakness, too -- to look to self-justification before serene and non-defensive reflection -- but an atheist is free to drop all her assumptions at any time and examine an issue from scratch. Christians are wedded to an entire non-negotiable system, and one not formed by their own best judgment.

  16. Holy crap! what a great post seasofbrightjustice!

    I love having the freedom to not be wedded to some non-negotiable system!

    Atheism is freedom!