Anglican Cathedral Opens Doors to Atheists

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  1. Every liberal religious institution seems to be courting atheists right now. The Network of Spiritual Progressives is attempting to draw them in through social action and mysticism. The archbishop of Canterbury himself has endorsed Sharia law in parts of England, to appease Muslims. Anglicanism, as a whole, has no root in Christian orthodoxy anymore, so they are trying to go along and get along with everyone. The postmodern disease is becoming an epidemic.

  2. Imagine that John Lennon wasn't an idiot.

    A radio host played Lennon’s classic song “Imagine” this morning. When it finished he went on and on about how great a song it was and how great a person Lennon was.

    What is wrong with a person’s world view when he rhapsodises about a wife beating drug addict who can only IMAGINE peace because he is incapable of living it?

    And just how stoned do you have to be to believe, to REALLY BELIEVE that you can bring about world peace by refusing to get out of bed?

    What a wretched state when people need drugs coursing through their veins in order to feel love toward other human beings.

    When asked for his opinion on “What is wrong with the world?” the brilliant G.K. Chesterton answered, “I am.” Would that John Lennon possessed such insight.

    A lack of peace is not the fault of borders or religion or anything else outside of one’s own corrupted self-loving soul.

  3. I'll just say... I'm glad I'm not John Lennon.

    Imagine being John Lennon right now at this very second.


  4. "a wife beating drug addict" I'm no over the top John Lennon fan but a "wife beating drug addict"? Do you really believe that?

    I feel strongly that you, sir, are going to find yourself on that invisible "don't bother discussing anything serious with that guy" list.
    If not already.

  5. Well, I suppose she could be lying. I'm just taking this from an interview with Yoko Ono in Time magazine a couple years back. She says they were both addicted to heroin and that he physically abused her throughout their relationship. I don't know why she would lie about that but anything is possible, I guess.

  6. Well he did allow her to perform with him musically, I know that for sure, and that was music abuse. I'll give you that one, Mak.

    Do you have a link for that Time article? I'd be interested in reading that.

  7. No, I used to get the magazine and they're long gone. Time archives maybe?

  8. OK fair enough. I'll try to look it up, just seems like I would heard of this before now, but hey.