Scientific Cenobites, part 2 of 9

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  1. Sigh. None of this demonstrates that Science is irrational or faith based or that evolutionary biology is on shaky empirical ground. Instead, it highlights the very human nature of scientists, and the wonderful error correcting mechanism of science as a whole enterprize. Unfortunately, if you really wish to cast doubt on the scientific enterprize, or on a particular theory (be it the germ theory of disease or common descent) it will require data and data analysis. You'll then need to formulate what that data reveals into a theory that better explains existing phenomena, and better predicts new phenomena, better than the existing theory. This is the way science works and what's beautiful about it is that it works (in the long run) regardless of the opinions and passions of the humans doing the work.

  2. You dont need to find a better theory and/or concept of ideas in order for the current and most accepted theory to be wrong. Flaws are flaws, and truth is truth regardless of whether we know it or not. Science works by testable, repeatable observation in order to come to factual and verifiable information and data so that we can know truth.