New podcast on the grave and beyond

I've linked to Glenn before, but I think this podcast ought to be particularly interesting for Christians or those raised in a Christian environment.

Glenn Peoples on the afterlife.


  1. What did you find interesting about it? I was unable to open up the pod cast to listen to it, but when I looked Glenn up it seems like he supports conditional immortality which is essentially the soul sleep doctrine. From what I understand NT Wright does not accept this doctrine and has stated as such, what are your thoughts on this doctrine?

  2. I'm very interested in alternate interpretations of hell. Glenn does not explicitly sponsor conditional immortality (I don't believe, anyway) but orthodox annihilationism. My personal interactions with Glenn has brought me over to that particular camp.

  3. Thanks for the insight Josh, so you accept conditional immortality at judgment but not immediately after death, meaning when we die we are conscious and aware and await judgment but during judgment the wicked are terminated so to speak?