What is the Deal With Archaeopteryx?

This is just a plain and honest question:

To read/Or not to read

What is the deal?

How did a little bird become a point of contention?

By the way—here is my artist's representation of Archaeopteryx:


  1. There's supposed to be dinosaurs and birds, not ones with characteristics of both. That's an outrage of Biblical proportions! Didn't they (as well as some neat more-bird/more-dinosaur species dug up in China just a little while ago, both small and "Oh my God! It's a birdinosaur! Run!"-sized) realize that they were maligning His plan for no-evolution?

  2. "What's the deal with archaeopteryx? It's not a bird, and it's not a dinosaur...could someone explain this...to me?" ~ Jerry Seinfeld

  3. A book on my Christmas list, but one I will probably have to buy for myself, is the just-published authoritative (256 pages) tome by Peter Wellnhofer: Archaeopteryx: Der Urvogel von Solnhofen. It will be available in English next year sometime.

    What is the deal with Archaeopteryx? Evolution is the deal, like it or not.