Penn Jillette Lays it Down

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  1. I read your analysis of Penn's "This I Believe" essay and I noticed that you make several errors regarding what Penn said.

    Penn makes a number of statements of the form "By believing that God does not exist, I can do X." You seem to think that Penn is saying that unless you believe that God doesn't exit then you can't do X. But that position is never stated or implied by what Penn wrote. What Penn wrote is analogous to this statement: 'By believing that God doesn't exist I can drive my car on the Sabbath'. This is a reasonably true statement that is not rendered fallacious simply because there are lots of people that do believe in God that also drive cars on the Sabbath.

    You also seem to share in a common misunderstanding of 'materialism'. The metaphysical concept of materialism should not be conflated with the concept of 'consumerism'. Those are separate and distinct idea.

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