Happy Holidays Everyone!

I'm gone for a while, so have a merry Christmas everyone!



PS. I hope you all get a bunch of cool swag.


  1. Have a Merry Christmas.

    As for swag, well, several years ago our extended family was having a get together at Christmas exchanging gifts. For some reason unbenownst to man, everybody had pick gifts that were grossly undesirable to the person receiving the gift. For a while we all put on our polite masks and pretended to like the gifts we got. Finally, some brave or just politically incorrect person (it wasn't me!) pointed out just what a waste all that gift giving was. What was important and good was all of us coming together and being a family. So, from that year on, we don't exchange gifts within the family (children excepted), we give little cards that say: a donation of has been made to such and such charity/cause in your name. Since then, I have not received a 'gift' that I didn't love nor have I given a 'gift' that wasn't appreciated.

  2. A very Merry Christmas to everyone at Atheism is Dead!