Answering Atheism - Welcome / Introduction

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  1. Thanks Mariano. You've obviously put a lot into this.

  2. Isn't there a risk that by adopting as your logo the "Atheist A" - twice! - you're just going to end up making it better known?

  3. Nice work, Mariano. I'm all for answering atheism- but I haven't seen it done yet.

    If I may say so, my favorites are the two where the legs of the A's cross- not only are they graphically more striking, but you also have that X in the middle that says "X out atheism!"

  4. Mariano

    May I humbly submit my own half finished website for your list. It is called reason & belief and it aims to present a reasonably balanced approach to the question to encourage people to make up their own minds.


  5. I have a book recommendation as well as Christmas present suggestion for everyone: Atheism Advanced (Eller, 2008).

    Are you a theist tired of debunking Hitchens, Harris and Dawkins? Want to try something a little more challenging? Then this is the book for you!

    To my fellow atheists: in my view, this extremely well researched and insightful book by Ellers sets a new standard for the debate. I hope many of you who have not already read it will do so during the holidays, and then let's talk about it in 2009 :-) Happy holidays everyone!

  6. I’m kinda bummed. I thought this blog would have some good debate; instead it’s a list of articles.

    That being said, as an atheist/agnostic I’ll be happy to answer ANY questions from a civil non-theist viewpoint.


  7. This blog is just a fine, fine piece of work. Thank you.

  8. Is this a Pro- or Anti- Christian/Atheist site?