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Dinesh D′Souza, What Has Atheism Done for Us?

David Limbaugh, D'Souza: Debunking Atheists

Yomin Postelnik,
Religion and Science - Logical Proof of the Existence of a Divine Creator, Why Atheism is Not Logically Sound

Logical and philosophical case for the Divine

Josh McDowell and Don Stewart, Understanding Secular Religions - Atheism, Agnosticism, and Skepticism

G. Brady Lenardos, The Existence of God

Reformed theologians, Responses to Atheist Philosopher, Michael Martin

Creation Ministries International,
Inside the mind of a killer

Empiricism: A Glaring Flaw of New Atheism

The New State Religion: Atheism

Jonathan Sarfati, Atheism is more rational?

Jerry Bergman, Atheism - The New State Religion

Renew America,
Fred Hutchison, The rise and fall of atheism

Fred Hutchison, Einstein's Potemkin villages

Warner Todd Huston, Militant atheism at U of Virginia

Robert Meyer, Christianity and atrocity

Robert Meyer, Atheists are hypocritical in blaming atrocities on Christianity

Nancy Levant, Good vs. evil — as above, so below

Doug Hagin, Utilitarianism—the new evil

G. Brady Lenardos,
Atheists and the Resurrection - Framing the Argument

The Existence of God

Do Extraordinary Events Require Extraordinary Evidence?

The Complete and Utter Destruction of Modern Atheism

Michael Novak, The Godlessness that Failed

Ralph Allan Smith,
Why Bertrand Russell Was Not A ChristianAnswering Michael Martin’s “Atheism, Christian Theism, and Rape”

Doug Erlandson, A New Perspective on the Problem of Evil

Ray Cotton, The Holocaust: Ideas and Their Consequences

Jonathan Barlow, A Reformed Response To Richard Dawkins

John Piper, Is God Less Glorious Because He Ordained that Evil Be?

Richard J. Vincent, The Problem of Evil and The Cross of Christ

Bob and Gretchen Passantino,
Imagine There's No Heaven: Contemporary Atheism Speaks Out In Humanist Manifesto 2000
Atheism vs. Christianity, A Response to Unanswered Questions
The 2002 Great Debate: Atheism vs. Christianity Testing the Case: Which View Prevailed?

Chuck Colson, Atheism: a Dialogue between Chuck Colson and An Atheist Friend

Rick Brownell, What if God Were Very Good?

Douglas M. Jones III, Is Christianity Unintelligible?

Dustin Shramek, Atheism and Death: Why the atheist must face death with despair

Kenneth R. Samples, Putting The Atheist on The Defensive, Parts One and Two

Stephen M. Barr,
Retelling the Story of Science

The Atheism of the Gaps

Brian Harvey, The Democratization of Science

Glenn Miller, Why doesn't God give us Proof?

Mike Gene, Old “Study” Meet New “Study”

Giles Fraser, Face to faith - Secularists who dismiss Christianity as the choice of the stupid should turn their critical gaze a little closer to home, says Giles Fraser

Kyle Butt, The Bitter Fruits of Atheism, part 1, part 2

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: search results for “atheism”

Atheism - Free-thinker or Non-thinker

Bert Thompson, The Many Faces of Unbelief, part 1, part 2

Theo Hobson, Atheism is Pretentious and Cowardly

John Woodmorappe, A Hands-on Science Activity that Demonstrates the Atheism and Nihilism of Evolution

Paul C. Vitz,
The Psychology of Atheism

Support from Psychology for the Fatherhood of God

Apologetics Press,
search results for “atheism”

Home study courses on atheism and Christian apologetics

All About Philosophy,
Atheism Defined

Is There a God? - The Question

Come Reason Ministries
Answering an Atheist Part 1 and Part 2

Existence of God

The Editors of the National Catholic Register, Answering Atheism

Gary Habermas, An Interview with Anthony Flew

Francis Beckwith,
Deconstructing Liberal Tolerance

Philosophical Problems with Moral Relativism

John Frame and Michael Butler, Responses to Atheist Philosopher Michael Martin

Stephen C. Meyer, DNA and Other Designs

Robert DiSilvestro, Rebuttals to Common Criticisms of Darwin's Black Box

Raymond G. Bohlin, Are We Alone in the Universe?

Guillermo Gonzalez,
Home Alone in the Universe

Alien Intelligences? Think Again

Jay Richards and Guillermo Gonzalez,
Are We Alone? Our Recent Success on Mars...
A Response to Some Objections to The Privileged Planet

Raymond G. Bohlin, Human Fossils: Just So Stories of Apes and Humans

Richard G. Swinburne, The Justification of Theism

Mark Hanna, Reflections on the God vs Science Debate

Basic Training for the Christian Mind The Futility of Non-Christian Thinking

Henry F. Schaefer, III,
Stephen Hawking, The Big Bang, and God

Is Evolution a Good Theory?

Scientists and Their Gods (also known as Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence?)

Robert C. Newman, John A. Bloom, Perry G. Phillips and John C. Studenroth, The Status of Evolution as a Scientific Theory

Michael Denton, Brief Excepts from Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

Nancy Pearcey, You Guys Lost! Is Design a Closed Issue?

William P. Alston, What is Naturalism that We Should be Mindful of It?

Norman Geisler, Miracles and Modern Scientific Thought

Robert Koons, The Incompatibility of Naturalism and Scientific Realism

Robert Hommel, Where is God? A Biblical Answer to the Problem of Evil

Rick Rood, How can a Good God Allow Evil?

N.T. Wright,
Evil and the Justice of God, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Review of the Jesus Seminar's The Five Gospels

Thomistic Philosophy Page, Aquinas and the Necessity of Natural Evils

Mark Talbot, The Morality of Everlasting Punishment

Scott H. Moore, Comments on Alvin Plantinga's Free Will Defense

Alexander R. Pruss, A New Free Will Defense

Marilynn Robinson, review of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion

Steve Hays, This Joyful Eastertide: A Review of The Empty Tomb

Daniel Wallace, review of Bart Ehrman, Misquoting Jesus

Ben Witherington III, review of Bart Ehrman, Misquoting Jesus

P.J. Williams, Evangelical Textual Criticism, review of Bart Ehrman, Misquoting Jesus

Mark D. Roberts, review of Christopher Hitchen’s God is Not Great

Will Henning , Atheists Turn Up The Volume

Paul E. Little, Beyond Blind Faith

Hugo Meynell, Hume, Kant, and Rational Theism

Byron Barlowe, Science & Religion: Oil & Water?

Otto J. Helweg, Scientific Facts and Christian Faith: How Are They Compatible?

J. P. Moreland, The Real Issue: Is Science a Threat or Help to Faith? A look at the concept of Theistic Science

Bag on God, Answering Atheism

Alister McGrath,

The Twilight of Atheism

Bill Hybels, Why does God allow suffering?

Danutia Hillier, How can we surrender our lives to a God who endures our suffering?

Tom Price, Religion causes Wars

Michael Ramsden, How Can I Believe in God When There's So Much Suffering?

Josh McDowell, Why does God allow evil to exist?

Lillian Kwon, Militant Atheism Gives Rise to Christian Apologetics

Owen, Renewed Theology, An argument against atheism

Doug Groothuis,
Nietzsche and Postmodernist Nihilism

The Ethics of Eternity

Joel McDurmon, Zeitgeist: The Movie—Exposed

Mark McFall, Apologetics & Evangelical Atheism - Apologetics In Practice In Light Of Evangelical Atheism (The Need for Quality Apologetics)

Mariano, Atheism is Dead
On Dan Barker, of the Freedom From Religion Foundation:
Friedrich Nietzsche Nails the Freedom From Religion Foundation

Dan Barker and Neo-Pagan Atheism

Addendum to “Dan Barker and Neo-Pagan Atheism”

Dan Barker's Kalam Konfusion

Thou Shalt Not Lie

Dan Barker and Bertrand Russell: The Dynamic Duo of Demonstrably Deleterious Delusion

Dan Barker and the Alien Rape Voyeurs

Why Freethough?

Dan Barker’s Views On Human Dignity

Dan Barker's Agnosis

Freethought Without Forethought?

Dan Barker’s Scriptural Misinterpretations and Misapplications

To Lie, or Not To Lie: That is the Question

Dan Barker Intruded Upon the Solstice

On Christopher Hitchens:
Forget “Ba Humbug” - Christopher Hitchens Proposes the “To Hell With All That” Amendment

Suicidal Bombast?

The Challenges, part I of III

The Challenges, part II of III

The Challenges, part III of III

Jesus, the god of War?

Is Christianity Loved to Death?

Too Sexy for Abstinence?

The Totalitarian, Dictatorial, Tyrannical Worldview

Zings Richard Dawkins

On the Mutilation of Children’s Genitalia

The Quadripartite Equine Riders

The New Atheists on Francis Collins - Soteriological Chain of Causation

On Daniel Dennett
The BOBA Digest, Part 2: Daniel Dennett’s Desperation

Daniel Dennett’s One Way Street of Censorship (Or: On the Hoodwinkification of Children)

Teach Your Children Well…Well, Just Teach Them What We Tell You To Teach Them (On Atheism’s Attempts to Dictate Child Rearing)

Old Material on Dennett and the Mind

Ed Feser's Review of "Breaking the Spell"

The Quadripartite Equine Riders

On Michael Shermer:
Michael Shermer and the Greatest Miracle

Moral Argument from Embarrassment

The Neglected New Atheist

Shermer’s Chivalry

On Bill Maher:
Bill Maher’s Cinematic Endeavor

Bill Maher’s Sad Anniversary

Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher...

Bill Maher’s Errata

Expelled from Religulous

On Cliff Walker, of Positive Atheism:
Positive Atheism - Cliff Walker : Weak Bible Week Poster

Positive Atheism’s Cliff Walker’s Relative Ethics and Absolute Condemnations

On Margaret Downey:
Is the “Atheist Alliance International” Atheism’s Happy Face?

The Godless Unholiday Tree

On Quentin Smith:
Quentin Smith - The Gratuitous Fallacy

On Sam Harris:
Sam Harris – The Seriously Funny Project

Myth Buster or Myth Maker?

Succinct Statements, part 1—Neuroscientist for Atheism

Let Him Who is Without Faith Cast the First Stone

Instigator At Large


The Dehumanizer

The Sam Harris Trivector

Sam Harris—Nietzsche’s Madman

Sam Harris and Bertrand Russell: The Dynamic Duo of Demonstrably Deleterious Delusion

The Rape Comments

Harris' Book Reviews

The Quadripartite Equine Riders

The New Atheists on Francis Collins - Soteriological Chain of Causation

On PZ Myers:
PZ Myers Said That Scientific Thinking Has a Corrosive Influence on Religious Belief

PZ Myers – Absconds from Debate, Again!


Transubstantiating from Scientist to New Atheist Activist

PZ Myers Complements Christianity

The Desecration Delusion

PZ Myers and Pavlov’s Monkeys

The New Atheists on Francis Collins - Soteriological Chain of Causation

On Richard Dawkins:
Richard Dawkins and His Amen Chorus of Adherents

Richard Dawkins vs. Harry Potter – Battle of the Wizards

New Dawkins Interview

Hitler’s Rabbi

Antony Flew vs. Richard Dawkins

Children in the Atheist’s Den

On Richard Dawkins, Albert Einstein, God and Atheism

Dawkins Comes Out As An Intelligent Design Proponent!!!

Manipulating for Atheism

Richard Dawkins Comes Out As An Intelligent Design Proponent—Revisited

The Very Model of Restraint

Planting God More Firmly on His Throne

Is Richard Dawkins a Fundamentalist?

"Darwin’s Rottweiler and the Public Understanding of Scientism"

Comfortably Numb

I Shalt Have No Other gods Before Me

“In the Beginning…”: the Lucky Guess

Richard Dawkins is a “Child Abuser”

The Hell of Non-Theism and the “Gentle Pedophile”

The Apostle Thomas: Patron Saint of Scientists?

Introducing the Dawkinsian Weltanschauung

Altruism or Allfalseism

The Biologist Who Fills the Gaps in Our Knowledge With Faith

On Abortion, Tadpoles, Rape, Cows, Murder and Sheep

The Wizard of Biomorph Land

Ecce Homo’s Commandments

When An Ethereal Hypothesis Beats Out Tangible Proof

The Quadripartite Equine Riders

Looking for God in All the Wrong Places (and in all the wrong ways)

On Science:
Protecting the Science Classroom


“Galileo - A Story of a Hero of Science”

Firmly By the Blade

Ockham’s Razor Cuts Both Ways

"The Copernican myths"

The First Commandment of Thermodynamics

The Apostle Thomas: Patron Saint of Scientists?

Scientific Cenobites

Did Science Ward Off God?

The Gap Filler

Cosmology, Part I: Atheists and Scientists Avoid the Pre Big Bang Scenario at All Cost

Cosmology, Part II: Book, Chapter and Multi-Verse

Is There Room for Faith in Science? Is There Room for Science in Faith?

Do You Believe in Evolution?

Atheism and Archaeopteryx

Look Both Ways Two Atheistic Logical Fallacies

Probing Zindler’s Mind

The Half-Baked Thinker

How Billions of Demons Haunted Baloney While Avoiding Detection

New Atheism – Further Evidence of Its Deleterious Effects, part 2

New Atheism – Further Evidence of Its Deleterious Effects, part 1

Does the Bible Command Rape?

The Godhead’s Goathead

Argument for God’s Existence from Jewish Folklore

American Humanist Association (AHA) and Purity in Charity

The Positive Affirmation of Penn Jillett

Succinct Statements, part 3—On Extraordinary Claims

Atheism is Anthropocentric – On Making Silence Illegal and Thought Crimes

Does God Sink or Swim?

Succinct Statements, part 1—On Morality, Reward, Punishment, and Crowns

Atheist Sunday School

“…Professing Themselves To Be Wise, They Became Fools…”

The Red Light of Punishment

Does God Prefer Atheism?

Condolences - Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

On the Life of Our Thoughts

The Great “God in Society” Atheism / Theism Debate

“Freethought” Camp of Childhood Indoctrination

A-theism is A-Potent and A-Moral

The Collateral Worldview

The Quadripartite Equine Riders

Too Sexy for My Theology? On the New Atheist Obsession with Sex

The Horn of a Dilemma? The Bible Mentions Unicorns

What Happened to Reginald Finley’s Skepticism?

Regarding Keith Parsons: On Meaning and Punishment

Atheism Succinctly

Atheism’s Sects

Succinct Statements On Atheism

Atheism’s Faith Based Dogmatic Beliefs

Atheism is Holier Than Theism

Atheism’s Circular Logic

Atheism’s Theistic Concepts

Basic Similarities Between Christianity and Atheism

Arguments That Atheists Should Not Use

Natural Born Atheist

Only Atheists Have Pure Motives

Is Atheism a Religion?

American Atheist’s Webmaster’s Astounding Assertions

Randi the Amazing Atheist

The O'Hair Fallacy

Charles Templeton and the Misanthropic Principle

Proving God’s Existence

What Would Atheists Do If God Appeared To Them?

God Cannot Exist Because Human Beings Invented the Idea of God's Existence

God Does Not Exist Because Christians are Jerks

Atheism is Geocentric

Our Much Learning Has Made Us Mad

Four Succinct Statements on Suffering (suffering/evil is one of the best reasons for rejecting atheism)

Exclusivism, Part I

Exclusivism, Part II

On Hills, Speed-bumps, Atheism and Christianity

One Nation Under whom?!?!

We Are All “Religious” And "Religion" is the Root of All Evil


Morality’s Reality

“A Good Person”

“Love” and “Hate” - Defining terminology

Oh, My Goodness!!!

Is Truth True?

Owen Gingerich, Truth in Science: Proof, Persuasion and the Galileo Affair

David Wilkinson, Hawking, Dawkins and the Matrix

John Polkinghorne, Has Science made Religion redundant?, Lecture, Discussion

Roger Trigg, Do Science and Religion need each other?, Lecture, Discussion

John Polkinghorne, Has Science Made Religion Redundant?, Lecture, Discussion

Roger Trigg, Do Science and Religion Need Each Other?, Lecture, Discussion

David Wilkinson, Hawking, Dawkins and the Matrix, Lecture, Discussion

David Martin, Does the Advance of Science mean Secularisation?, Lecture, Discussion

Jonathan Sacks , Power and Responsibility: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st Century, Lecture, Discussion

Peter Harrison, The Bible and the Emergence of Modern Science, Lecture, Discussion

Ernest Lucas, Science and the Bible: Are they incompatible? The creation story as a test case, Lecture, Discussion

Mark G. McKim, The Cosmos According to Carl Sagan (1934-1996): Review and Critique

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