Positive Atheism - Cliff Walker : Weak Bible Week Poster, part 3 of 7

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  1. "Moreover, regulations regarding war captives were very strict. In the case of a woman, if a man wanted to marry her he had to give her time to recover from the shock of war, she was to be taken into the home and “shall sorrow for her father and her mother a full month” (Deuteronomy 21:13). But if after marrying her he wanted to divorce her he was to “let her go where she will. But you shall not sell her at all for silver, you shall not make a slave of her, because you have humbled her” (v. 14). Here “humbling” refers to her being depressed and or having lost her virginity (while married)."

    How anyone can justify killing a woman's family and forcing her into marrying someone who had a part in their death?

    Time to recover from the shock of war? Let's see, if I were to murder your parents and male siblings, take all of your possessions, and then force you to live in my house and serve me as my spouse sexually and otherwise, how long would it take you to recover from the "shock" of such a thing?

    Sure, you can let her go if you want to divorce her. I'm sure a non-virgin woman who was captured in war and has no surviving family would fare quite well among those who killed her people and took her land.

    It is truly a spectacle to see anyone try to defend these barbaric practices.

  2. Sure they were barbaric, but still much less than practices of neighbour tribes. We're talking about war here and about poeple living a couple of thousend years ago. Described behaviour is not presented as universal moral law.

  3. Interstate;
    Thanks for commenting on this issue. I appreciate your concern and empathize with your reaction.
    What would you recommend?

  4. I am afraid that Interstate may have been a drive-by: atheist logs on, makes an argument from outrage, does not justify outrage, cannot justify their condemnation and moves on to fight a one sided battle another day. How very sad that this is what passes for reasoned discourse amongst the new atheist sect of atheism.

    Firstly, let us note that Cliff Walker was absolutely mistaken.

    Now, I do not know but allow me to guess: you are writing to me from a 1st world country, woke up to a house that is warm in winter and cool in summer, drove a motorized vehicle, went to a Starbucks (I’ll take a hazelnut latte) where you utilized wireless internet access to comment here. Enjoy money and about as much freedom and food as anyone could want. If you ever faced danger you could utilize your cell phone to call the police (or your homies). Your countries army is prepared to protect you and can call upon allies with a phone call that reaches around the planet in nanoseconds.

    Ok, now: try to imagine living in the ancient Middle East.
    I find it virtually, if not completely, impossible. Yet, we must consider the ancient Middle East within the historical/cultural context of the ancient Middle East.

    So, let us begin here: there should never be any war and we should all just get along, maaaaan.
    Fine, but does not seem to apply to the real world.

    Now, keep in mind also that there is no Oprah or Dr. Phil just harsh reality.

    Atheism discredits condemnation and condemnation discredits atheism.