Atheism’s Sales Pitch to Children

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  1.      Well, since you say you want to know what a daemon is, you should probably go back to the Greek legends in which the term originated. There it merely implies a spirit being, which may be good, evil, or otherwise. Christianity redefined the term to be unambiguously evil. But then, christianity defines any being that is not kissing the great behind of its god as evil.
         This book does not sell atheism. Atheism is the belief that no gods exist. This book operates under the premise that the christian god exists but is not who he claims to be. But lets face facts. Anyone who reads the bible without a direct willingness to excuse anything that its god happens to do will come to the conclusion that he is evil. Some of the things it says he does are absolutely horrible and unjustifiable.

  2. This doesn't have a ton to do with this post, but I saw this today and thought it was interesting.


  3. What could be more positive than opening up children's minds, directing them into sunshine and light and away from the cobwebbed, dank darkness of superstition? Pullman's a hero in this regard.

  4. Pvblivs;
    Please substantiate your condemnations.

    Please substantiate your hero’s deceptions.


  5. I'll substantiate them in his place.

    Some things God does:

    Kills innocent children, women
    Allows and encourages women to be taken as slaves for sex
    Encourages women to be forced into marriages after their husbands are killed
    Drowns everything on Earth
    Kills men, women, children, livestock, destroys a man's entire life and infests him with diseases... on a bet with the devil
    Condemns all humanity forever because a couple did something bad: they ate from a tree that gave them knowledge of good and evil. They didn't know it was evil to disobey him before they ate from the tree, but he didn't care: he condemned everyone ever for it anyway
    Let his "son" wander around and get crucified instead of getting off his arse and doing it himself

    Just... just a whole bunch of stuff in there is petty, vengeful, murderous and if it was a book about ANYONE except your "God" you'd think that person was an evil piece of shit

  6. Healyhatman:
    Oh the fallacy.