The State of AID

As of late there has been some concerns among our readers regarding the state of AID and its contributors. Recently, our admin William had to take leave due to issues which cannot be addressed here in public. At the same time that this occurred, many of the contributors (including myself) were rather busy with finals and work related activities. In essence, it has been a hectic past two months for all of us.

There is no need to worry, however as we are now back and running in full and will soon bring some new and fresh minds to contribute to this blog. On a side note, I have assumed William’s previous role and will do my best to make this an enjoyable place for both reader and contributor alike.

Peace be with you all,



  1. I heard through the grapevine that Frank Walton and Will Hawthorne had a major falling out. So Will gave AS back to Frank then left both AS and Aid.

  2. There was a "falling out", but this wasn't the reason for Will leaving.

  3. Fair enough, good luck. Hey if you guys are looking for contributors, Id be willing to jump on board.

  4. I'm sad to have seen Will gone... but I'm glad to see that you've assumed that role now, M. I've read some of your things from Cadre, and of course some things over this direction, and I've always been impressed by the attitude you give across. I know there's only so much credibility over the internet, but I still feel like there's a notable difference in your dealings with people of all sorts - you seem to have a Christ like attitude, and I appreciate that a lot from an intelligent apologist. I look forward to the future of this blog.

  5. Hey, I just checked out Leslie's site. You should check it out. He's a really talented comic strip writer. I really dug the answering machine one


    Plus Frank Walton has told me that he's getting ready to start a new blog. I won't get into details other than to say it's going to be an aggressive approach to refuting top atheist writers point by point and he's going to be looking for writers to help.

  6. Oh, come now! It isn't so difficult to say "anti-Semite." Even in public.

  7. Hey, thanks for the shout out, DC! I'm actually in the process of changing my comics stuff over to sethandbuddy.com. So if you like, keep an eye out there. :)

    Also, that will be interesting to see Frank do that new blog. Any particular books he's aiming for - as in, is it going to be focused on the more popular ones, or some of the more scholarly ones?

  8. "Oh, come now! It isn't so difficult to say "anti-Semite." Even in public."

    Will had to leave because Frank is an anti-Semite? I don't buy it. Hawthorne doesn't even sound like a Jewish name to me.