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  1. Will this be an area that atheists will be able to post to as well? While Christians posting about what they see as the "worst of atheism" may be enlightening about what Christians think, if you want a worthwhile perspective on how bad some BOBA stuff is, you ought to get it from someone who is capable of really understanding how much potential it's failing to live up to.

    By way of continuing your example: If some atheist site stuck Fred Phelps in their BOBA (Bottom of the Barrel Abrahamism) section while saying "If this is the kind of thing monotheism produces, who cares if most of them are usually somewhat less hate-filled?" it wouldn't really carry much weight. The admins of the site probably think that Fred Phelps is BOB as far as humans go, but... not that much below the cream of the crop as far as supernaturalists go. Makes for a less impressive post.

    If, on the other hand, it was Christians who came in saying "This Fred Phelps guy... he's an embarrassment to Christianity. Unlike my stereotypical atheist, I expect a lot more from a fellow Christian, and so in context I can say this guy is really, really awful. Not just "a bit below par" but "truly horrid".

    Now, me personally, I don't know who this Fred Phelps guy is, and if I'd seen him bashed on an atheist site, I'd take that with a heavy grain of salt. Seeing him bashed on a Christian site, though... well, that actually influences what I think of the guy.

  2. I'm an atheist and I think the BOBA Digest is a great idea. We can denounce or correct the crap that goes into it, and defend or clarify the good stuff. It'll be a great way to find out which arguments aren't making headway, for whatever reason.

    It's an evolutionary pressure which can only do atheism good.

  3. Thank you both for your comments and questions.

    Since this blog is premised on arguing against atheism we will not have posts (really “comments”) about BOBAbrahamism. There are entire Christian ministries already virtually based on refuting those personages. Yes, this may be a good place to denounce, correct, defend or clarify although I suspect that what goes in here will not so much evolve as go extinct. I suppose that we shall see.

    Incidentally, you have just seen Fred Phelps “bashed” on “a Christian site” but here are some other for your reading (dis)pleasure (of course, I don’t only “bash” him but pray for him to change):

    Stand to Reason posted “"Fags Doom Nation"?”

    Tektonics posted “Whine of the Westboro Weirdoes”

    Apologetics Index posted “Fred Phelps: Extremist” and “Westboro Baptist Church : Fred Phelps”

    Christian Research Institute posted “Speaking of Homosexuality: A Christian response to the arguments on the gay rights movement”

    Christian Research Net posted “Heath in Hell **Updated**”

    Et al.


  4. That Fred Phelps guy sounds pretty awful!

    How's this lament (not mine) for bottom-of-the-barrel-itude?


    My daughter's public school has 'Religious Education' classes, wonderful "multi-denominational" classes run by the talented teachers from the Secular Union that all students may benefit from if they so desire. Actually the teachers are rabid anti-theists, mostly poorly educated and their classes are, in truth, Secular Anti-Religious Indoctrination. By default all children have to go to these classes and parents are billed for anti-religious texts. Parents may "opt-out" but it turns out, they reset each year so you have to opt-out again each year. I do that.

    Last year our former government, which has been starving public schools of funds, released the 'stewardship' program where schools could opt-in for a "rational councillor" for the kiddies, provided by, you guessed it, The Secular Union. The Parent and Citizens association, stacked by the school administration "Truth Group", did a half assed poll of parents to see if the body was in favour of a Stewie and lo and behold got the answer they were seeking before I even became aware of the issue.

    Now I seem to have become the black knight, spoiling everyone's comfy position by fighting the Stewardship, and insisting on due process at the very least. I'm not an activist and not really good at it but I seem to be one of two from a group of twelve or so unhappy families that is willing to get up and confront these guys. My next target is to change the opt-out process for R.E. to an informed opt-in, where parents are given a guide to the contents of the classes and meet the teacher opportunities.

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